Milltek Electronic Control Modules


Active Suspension Control ( ASC ) Modules Available For Vehicles Fitted With Factory Adaptive Air Suspension ONLY!

Active Suspension Control ( ASC ) Module Allows the driver to control the ride height of the vehicle all from your smart phone. The module interfaces with the O.E.M air suspension control system to enable you to adjust the ride height, Above and Below the standard adjustment functions available in the vehicle while maintaining the factory safety parameters.

Active Valve Control ( AVC ) Module for vehicles fitted with factory valve control motors on the exhaust. The AVC Module Allows the driver full control of the exhaust flaps with the use of the smart phone app Via full CAN BUS integration with built in safety controls, Milltek’s AVC enables the driver to choose when the valves open and close to tune the sound and volume of the exhaust.



  • Audi SQ5 2013 - 2017
  • Audi SQ7 2016+
  • Audi RS6 C7 C7.5 2013 - 2018
  • Audi RS7 C7 C7.5 2013 - 2018



  • Active Suspension Control ( SSXAU669 ) Audi SQ7 2016+
  • Active Suspension Control ( SSXAU672 ) Audi RS6 RS7 C7 ( PRE FACE LIFT ONLY  )
  • Active Suspension Control ( SSXAU764 ) Audi RS6 RS7 C7.5 ( FACE LIFT ONLY )
  • Active Valve Control ( SSXAU668 ) Audi SQ5 2013 - 2017 & Audi SQ7 2016+
  • Active Valve Control ( SSXAU675 ) Audi S6 RS6 S7 RS7 C7 C7.5


* All Milltek Exhaust Systems Are Back Order ONLY Unless Otherwise Stated. Please Contact us For Availability *